How it works

When you have registered/logged in, press the GET STARTED button. For the first few times you log in this will take you to the FREE CLASSES page where you can select from four free classes according to your level of experience. Before you start any of these sessions, you will be prompted to take our FLEX TEST; this will help you to choose between the route for Standard Flexibility or High Flexibility. Choose between the 45, 30 and 15 minute class, gather together any props that you might need – and off you go!

Whichever route you take, it may be appropriate for you to use props from time to time. Initially, you can use household items, folded blankets or towels, a tie, a dining chair etc. but as you progress you may find it more convenient to buy some specialist yoga equipment. Use a reputable supplier like

If you want to see what muscles you are using in a pose, click the ANATOMY button. If there are any queries or if you are having difficulties with a pose, click on the ASK THE TEACHER button. This will reveal a number of common Q&A’s relating to each pose, illustrated with clear images.

At the beginning of each new pose in the sequence, a shot of the final pose will appear so you know where you are going. The four-step pose variations and the final pose image at the bottom of the page will give you progressions and alternative ways of working in each pose.

It is best to view the class using the full screen on your device; this way the POSE VARIATIONS at the bottom of the page should be visible for you to refer to. In the top right hand corner is a box with the number of poses in the sequence. If you click on this it will show you the full list of poses and you can skip or repeat a pose using this facility. PLEASE NOTE, IF YOU ARE RUNNING ON IPAD/IPHONE, YOU WILL NEED TO PRESS PLAY AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH NEW POSE IN THE SEQUENCE. This is not necessary on other platforms. At the end of the session you will be asked to rate the class for level of difficulty. This rating will progress you to the next appropriate class for you.

Once you have tried (and we hope liked!) your Free Class, you can go on to buy Units from our shop. Each Unit contains 28 classes (of which 10 classes will be novel sequences) and each class has a 15, 30 and 45 minute sequence. The Units are broken up into four modules of different lengths. Units cost £10.00 and have a licence of one year from date of purchase.
Eight Units are available with two Units suitable for each level of experience.

• Beginners (0-6 months experience – Units 1 and 2)
• Intermediate (6-18 months experience – Units 3 and 4)
• Established (18-36 months experience – Units 5 and 6)
• Advanced (36 months or more – Units 7 and 8)

At the beginning of every module you will be asked to take a new FLEX TEST to establish which route it is best for you to take for this module. The modules are split into classes. Each class has a 15, 30 and 45 minute sequence. If you have time to do all three sequences in each class, it will consolidate the work in that class. If not then do whichever time slot suits your lifestyle.

The course has been carefully structured to progress your yoga practice safely and steadily. Each Unit of twenty-eight classes contains ten new classes. The first Module of each Unit will contain four new classes. The second will have two new classes and then you will repeat the ones from the first Module. The third will have two new classes and you will repeat the ones from the second Module. The forth will have two new classes and you will repeat the ones from the third Module. These repetitions have been designed to consolidate your work in each Unit.

You can find answers to common technical issues in our blog.

This records your personal practice history. You will see which class you practiced on your last visit and by clicking GET STARTED you will automatically be moved on to the next class in the module/unit. You can however, repeat your last session or if you want to skip to another module click the MODULE icon in the top left corner of the page.

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